What is teh perfect game drive vehicle on African photographic safari?


The perfect game drive vehicle on African photographic safari is an electric 4x4 Landrover. Surprised? Yes, something like that exists, although it is still in the testing phase.

The advantage of such a vehicle is not only the zero pollution while driving through the bush, it is also silent and therefore less intrusive to the wildlife. There will still be the breaking branches and crushing leaves, as the vehicle is not a cat, but that annoying noise of the engine is gone. Wildlife photographers on
African safari can move almost noiseless through the bush and have more and better opportunities for great wildlife photos.

It might still take a while until the electric 4x4 jeep is advanced enough to replace the conventional 4x4s, but imagine how that will improve the African safari experience for all, not only the photographers.

Happy silent wildlife snapping! … with the sound of the shutter being louder than the vehicle.

Ute Sonnenberg for