Guard against loss on African photographic safari


Travelling with your precious and often expensive photographic equipment on African safari should be done with care. Anticipate on possible dangers to your photo gear when packing for the photographic safari.

Make sure you have one compact bag you can take with you everywhere that the camera gear is always under your watch. Never leave it unattended in a car or in a public area. Consider the weather and the terrain you are travelling. Have rain and dust protection for your gear and if waterborne photographic activities are included make sure you have a waterproof box or bag to carry your camera in in case it makes a plunge. Make sure when you use your camera on a boat or on great heights that it is fixed somehow to you in case you let go and the camera falls. In water it will be gone and from heights it will be shattered.

Pack the way that even if you get a fright or distracted and you loose attention for your camera it will be “on” you and not forgotten behind or fallen or removed. Make also sure you backup your pictures. Don’t only have them on the memory card in your camera. Upload them to a laptop or other external backup drive to not loose also your pics when loosing the camera.

Planning all that carefully before you go on
African photographic safari helps to have a worry free fantastic experience.

Happy wildlife photo safari travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui “soul of leopard”, Travel Africa