What camera should I bring on African safari?


The answer to this question depends on the photography you want to do. When you go on African safari to mainly enjoy watching the wildlife, but not really expecting great wildlife photography, a point and shoot camera is fine. It is small, easy, has a good zoom and allows nice pictures of your African safari holiday. It will struggle with certain light conditions and speed, but it is a good compromise, if you don’t really want to get into photography.

If you expect a bit more than holiday photos and you want to be able to cope with more complex light conditions, but don’t want to make the step to interchangeable lenses, a bridge model is the right camera to bring on safari. It got more functionality than a point and shoot camera and the zoom is also better.

If you aim on great wildlife photography a professional or semi-professional camera model is the right choice. Already the ISO options will help a great deal to get better results and features like fast focus point choice are essential for wildlife photography.

If you buy a new camera before you go on
African photographic safari, make sure you practice prior to your safari at home to get a routine in operating your camera.

Whatever your choice is, have fun!

Ute Sonnenberg for