How active are mobile African safaris?

A quick answer could be, that depends on what you want, and that is good. You can plan a mobile African safari suitable for your own pace and interests. A mobile safari is very flexible and camp is moving with you. You can choose to walk, go by boat or by 4x4 vehicle. Depending on the budget you can either carry your “camp” on the roof of your vehicle and that will be called roof top tents or a private mobile camp will be pitched for you while you are doing your safari activities, that you can arrive in the late afternoon and the cool drinks are already waiting for you. A mobile safari has a more active character than a lodge safari and that comes partially through the character of the camp. It will at least feel already more active, because of the tents in the middle of nowhere and the more intense experience of the bush. One is more conscious of where one is, than in a sheltered lodge environment and more exposed to the elements and movements of nature. It is also more inviting to be active and do walks, canoe rides, boat rides, fishing and more. However, it is always what you want and what is suitable for your physical condition. Don’t push yourself; rather move slowly than being exhausted and not enjoying the great environment you are in. Mobile safaris offer the ultimate bush experience.

Happy safari travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa