Want to photograph leopard on African safari?


Sure you want. The elusive leopard is a fascinating wildlife photography subject, not easy to see and not easy to photograph.

Leopards move fast, on the ground and in trees. The light changes with every step they make. Branches get in the way or he decides to decent from the tree just not where you positioned your game drive vehicle. Then he disappears in the high grass and the photo session is over. Waiting. Maybe he will not move for hours or when you thought you could go, suddenly he comes into action.

Staying with the animal is the only way to not miss anything and to be there when the action happens. Part of the game is that you are patient and tune in to the leopards way of life. But to be able to do all that you need to choose your
African photographic safari destination and accommodation carefully. You will need a private game reserve, preferably in the Sabi Sand in Kruger Park in South Africa. Additionally you will need a private game reserve that offers private vehicles and the flexibility to bring your lunch to you wherever you are in the bush and supports your quest. There are not many that fit that profile, but the ones that do all that are great. They even have a pedigree of all their leopards on the reserve and you will end up knowing all their names.

Inspired? Get ready for an exciting and fascinating African wildlife photography safari!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui “soul of leopard”, Travel Africa