Can I bring my iPad on African safari?


Travelling with the iPad has its advantages. The screen is bigger to search the map or the Internet or to check emails. It has also some practical benefits when being on African safari.

For photography enthusiasts it is a nice tool to upload images quickly to share them with fellow travellers, to reflect on the day and to empty your camera’s memory card. But be careful, there are only adapters for SD cards for iPad. Bigger memory cards would need more power and that does not work with the iPad.

Check before you go on your safari what exactly you can use your iPad for and rather bring a laptop when you want to work seriously with images.

Another great benefit of having the device with you is the possibility to look up information on the wildlife you are seeing and the area you are in. It can increase the educational value of your safari.

Make the best of the possibilities of modern technology and have more benefits from your travel experiences.

Happy photo safari travel!

Ute Sonnenberg for