How many people are on your African safari vehicle?


This might be a question you have not thought about yet, if you haven’t been on an African safari before, but if you have, you will understand immediately its importance.

Most safari vehicles have seats for 10 guests plus driver. Many lodges and camps use all seats and put 10 guests on the vehicles during the game drives. This is quite a lot and can be an unpleasant experience. There are three rows of three seats each, which means one person will have the middle seat like on a plane. There is one lucky person sitting in the front next to the driver, but for the rest the vehicle is really full and if you want to do photography, it is not working at all.

The higher end lodges put only a maximum of 6 guests on a vehicle, which is much better. No one on the middle seat, space to do photography and a more intimate safari experience.

The best is of course the private vehicle, especially for wildlife photography enthusiasts, but that comes at extra costs.

However, check with your safari tour operator the number of people on the game drive vehicle to make sure you get what you are looking for on your Africa holiday.

Happy game drive experiences!