On Photo Safari: Say Stop When You See Something


When guests are going on photographic safari, team building photographic safari or wildlife photography course for the first time, they often hesitate to come out for themselves with regards to the photos they want to take. It can be intimidating to sit on the game vehicle for the first time with a ranger in command of driving and explaining and often a tracker in charge of finding the animals. And now you, the newbee wants to say stop, where the ranger didn’t show any sign that there would be anything interesting. But you should. Nobody sees what you see and it is not important that nobody else sees it. Its your photo, you saw something worth photographing and you want to capture it. And if the ranger doesn’t stop quickly enough to get the shot you saw, ask to reverse, that you still get your lovely photo.

The photo needs to appeal to you and when it appeals also to others, that is even nicer, but in the first place, it’s your photo.

Trust your eye. Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for