How to break the ice with an elephant


Why would you like to break the ice with an elephant and not just run? First of all you are most likely on a safari jeep and don’t need to run. Second of all, it might be necessary to get away quickly even with the vehicle. But usually elephants are nice, as long as you don’t make them angry. And third, if you want to photograph elephants you will need a good relationship with them.

Respect the animals. They feel that and appreciate it. Try to make contact with them to understand what they are communicating. Elephants are very clear in their signals and expect you to respond accordingly. Be aware that elephants have the need for harmony and safety. They get very distressed when they feel uncomfortable or threatened. In some areas they are used to a great amount of human stupidity, but don’t push their patience. Respect their space and needs and they will be wonderful for you and your photography.

Elephants are very lovable.

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