How can an active African safari in Kenya be like?


The picture we usually have of a safari is people sitting on a 4x4 safari vehicle looking at animals. It looks like pretty inactive being driven around in a game reserve. It is more active as it looks, as the roads are bumpy and you are exposed to the elements, which is also tiring, but there are more active options one can choose to do during an African safari. Especially families will appreciate that as children get quickly bored with game drives.

Kenya is a great example for a great variety of activities that family will really enjoy. Climb on Mt. Kenya, do bush walks in the forests of Mt. Kenya, walk the Aberdare, do camel rides in the northern part of the country, do bush walks with the Samburu and Masai people, do horse riding, canoeing, boat rides, fishing, balloon rides. Visit communities, schools and plant a tree as part of a community project. And these are only activities in the bush regions of the country. The beaches offer just as much water born fun.

Still think a safari is sitting still on a vehicle?

Happy active African safaris! … and photography was not even mentioned!

Ute Sonnenberg for