The 4 Pillars of Wildlife Photography Courses


The 4 pillars of wildlife photography courses are what they should give the attendees and what makes them so interesting for all photography lovers.

Wildlife photography courses are inspiration, education, entertainment and collaboration.

They have the role to inspire new ways of seeing photography and wildlife and the combination of both. These photographic
safaris provide tuition in photography and on wildlife. The attendees learn about animal behavior, working with the very specific light in the bush and how to cope with the often not so easy conditions when photographing in the bush.

The workshops are entertainment as well with lovely meals as picnics on the Great Plains or around the fireplace in the camp. One meets new people and enjoys a lovely time with friends. Collaboration, helping each other and working together also when being back home are a great experience. Sharing this experience creates a bond that lasts and one can reach out to photography friends when help is needed.

Although photography can be at times a solitary activity, we get better when working together and learning from each other. And such a course can be really great fun too.

Isn’t a photography blog almost the same?

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for