In the Ray of Light: Nick Ut & Kim Phuc

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Their lives are connected; maybe even before Nick Ut took the iconic photo of the Napalm Girl, definitely since he took the image that helped to end the Vietnam War.

the napalm girl

And now they are here, together in this ray of light at the Exclusive Leica Launch Party on the Photkina last week, the
photographer and his “subject”, Kim Phuc, the “Napalm Girl”. How must that feel standing there together after all these years? Does one relive the moment of the initial contact? How must it be for the photographer, looking at the woman he photographed as a child in a very traumatic situation. How must it be for Kim Phuc, looking into the eyes of the man who captured her in a very vulnerable situation with dignity and respect?
Only they know the answers. But maybe all of us have moments we remember, taking a photo that touched us deeply and how we felt or would feel to meet the “subject” again.

Imagine your ray of light.

Ute Sonnenberg for
Photo from photokina:
Michael Zhang
Photo Napalm Girl:
Nick Ut