Being Prince

prince horse photography safari south africa

There is a magical place in the rolling mountains of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa, called Pakamisa. It is the peaceful “kingdom” of beautiful horses and it is the home of Prinz (German for prince).
Prinz is an Arab stallion. He knows about his beauty and he is anxious to make sure the ladies know that too. Unfortunately he is not accepting any other male next to him, what makes him staying in his paddock by himself. He keeps himself busy by marching the boundaries of his territory and observing the mares from a distance. Every now and then the free roaming geldings pay him a visit and polite sniffing is exchanged. From far the king is watching him, conscious about their competition for the mares and territory.
Well, there is space for all of them and when Prinz is back in his stable for the night, the nyala and impala move in and graze in his paddock. I wonder, if he cares.

Ute Sonnenberg,, horse photography course