How to plan a Safari Itinerary distance wise


We all became pretty good in planning our holidays through the Internet, creating our own itineraries and doing the bookings for the accommodations and flights ourselves.

When it comes to Africa this approach can go wrong. Recently somebody wanted a second opinion on a self-created itinerary for a
South Africa holiday and the plan looked like that:

2 days
Kruger Park safari
1 day Garden Route incl. drive to Cape Town
4 days Cape Town
1 day Victoria Falls (Zambia)
1 day Sun City (about 2 hours drive from Johannesburg)

They put all highlights into a 10 days itinerary including all driving. And this is just not working. The drive from Johannesburg to Kruger Park is about 6 hours and the drive from the Garden Route to Cape Town takes even longer.

The distances in Africa are often underestimated and guests get disappointed when booking such an itinerary and ending up only driving instead of enjoying the sights.

Take a close look at the distances you are going to cover when you plan a safari,
wildlife photography trip or an incentive. It might sound so easy with all you want to see in a short trip, but it might be only stress when actually travelling. How can you experience wildlife areas when you are only there for one day?

Happy travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for