Facebook: It's free and always will be. … really?

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Earlier blog posts shed already a light on the changes in Facebook and how it affects access to your friends and fans. It was going on for a while, but since Facebook became a public company it started jumping into your face, that they have only one goal, as much money for the investors as possible.
It was quite from the beginning an issue to get access to the people who signed up for your events when you had a Facebook page, although you had to run adverts for people to see them. So you paid for the adverts for your events and then you were not allowed to send messages to the people who signed up? Yes, it was like that, warnings popped up that you were sending spam and that your account would be suspended, if you continue. The next step was that you couldn’t send messages to your Facebook page fans. The same warning came and it didn’t take long and you could see only a fraction of your fans. To the others you couldn’t get access at all. And the best of it is that you paid adverts for you Facebook page for people to know you are out there, the liked it, became fans and now you were not allowed to access them, your own fans.
This tendency got worse since about May this year. Facebook now started restricting how many of YOUR fans are seeing your posts on your fan page. Now they want you to pay for your posts to be seen by your fans and they call it “sponsored posts”. The moment you tried it once, they slow you down even more. Now only a fraction of a fraction can see your posts on your own fan page with your fans. They want you to do it again, they want your money. So what is left of the slogan you see whenever you log into Facebook “It’s free and always will be.”?
Read also the blog post from Dangerous Minds on the topic. What will happen when Facebook carries on making their clients more and more unhappy? What happens to the small clients also happens to the big. How long will they take it?

Facebook: I want my friends back. Dangerous Minds

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