Can you learn Wildlife Photography in 4 Days?


4 days wildlife photography courses might sound very short to get far within wildlife photography, but they are just the right dose to get going with the right tools to take it from their yourself.

Days on
photographic safari are intense. There are two game drives per day, which make the days feel like two in one. And in between the game drives are the photography reflections on the game drive assignments. Every new wildlife photography assignment brings the attendees a step further and if it is done properly, every time a step further to independence in wildlife photography to. Your guide is not always there when you do wildlife photography. So, the main goal of the course is to get you going, enabling you to help yourself in all wildlife photography challenges and stay on track of growing as a photographer.

Of course there is guidance offered for the time after the course, for a little help, if needed, to go further yourself.

You can it and you do it.

Happy wildlife photography snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for