How to get around on African safari


Traveling in Africa requires some extra thoughts when it comes to getting around in a country and between countries. Distances are big, the infrastructure is mostly less developed or not available at all and driving at night is not recommended for several reasons.

When you plan an
African safari in South Africa or Namibia self-drive is a good option, but do your homework with regards to rules of the road and the bush. In Botswana self-drive is an option, but be prepared for water and sand.

To be on the safe side, getting around by plane or arranged road transfer might be the better options. Light aircraft flights have their price, but there are areas like the Okavango Delta where they are essential to get to the best spots. You will also be faster and the bird view position provides stunning vistas and photography opportunities. Road transfer takes longer, but costs less, especially when travelling as a family.

Don’t try to be brave and too adventurous. Rather choose the safe option. Getting in around in Africa is different and is often misjudged.

Happy wildlife photo safari travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for