Where can I find information on African photographic safaris?


When you plan your African photographic safari you will come across many questions, from African safari destination related questions to wildlife photography specific questions and health and what to pack questions.

The Internet is always a good source to find answers, but it is often very helpful to have all questions and answers in one place, as you might not think yourself of other helpful information and would not ask the question. Here is the good old travel guide a very helpful tool with lots of practical information and good advice on the sights worth visiting.

What I haven’t seen so far is an African safari travel guide that covers travel information and detailed photographic advice. As far as it gets to that, are probably the still separate travel info and wildlife photography guide we put in the iBook store. Just search for Roho Ya Chui and you will find them. But as a comment of a reader of this blog said yesterday, it might be a good plan to produce just that comprehensive
African Safari holiday and wildlife photography guide and make it available for free to the public.

Until then, keep in mind to also talk to people who have been on African photographic safari to get first hand advice. And look at the work of great wildlife photographers to prepare your eye for the light and subjects in the African bush.

Happy wildlife photography snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for