Intuitive, Inspiring Leaders

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Last week Nelson Mandela was discharged from hospital and relieve seemed to go around the world that he had recovered from pneumonia. Mandela is one of the most inspiring leaders, still at the age of 94 being an example of greatness.

There are not many people as exceptional as he is, yet there are many people with great potential to become and be intuitive and inspiring leaders and there are many people who are already innovative, inspiring and intuitive in their daily life. What do all these people have in common?

They have a vision, they see and they have aspirations. These leaders go unusual ways, they are open to new ideas, they give their teams the freedom to make mistakes and they are learning every day.

When one stops learning, one comes to stand still and stand still means going backwards. But those who want to learn and go forward are the ones that inspire. And this does not only apply to political and business leaders, learning is essential also in photography and not only during photography courses or during the ones booked photo safari. Learning in photography happens every day with seeing what’s around you and capturing moments.

Inspire and be inspired.

Ute Sonnenberg for