Felix Baumgartner's Space Jump & It's Connection with Photography

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After a first canceled jump, Felix Baumgartner successfully did his Red Bull Stratos - Space Jump yesterday, arriving in one piece and well back on earth. He didn’t traveler faster than sound, but he definitely made the highest jump ever, a new record.

How do we know about a new record and thrilling new things people do? We can see them happening, because photography is where the action takes place and somehow it always did. All moments of history are captured in pictures, all records are captured and all attempts and events are captured. The camera is always there, even at places people can’t go by themselves, but the camera can. The camera became us outside us, a third eye we can send anywhere in order to see for us, share for us and proof for us that something was really there or proofs that we were really there.
Way forward in future the images of Felix Baumgartner jumping from space will still be there, but he won’t. Images make immortal and always did, from the cave drawings of the first humans to the high-resolution images of today. We obviously like to see to believe, even our own existence.

Watch the video of the
Red Bull Stratos - Space Jump. The camera lets you be there in space at the edge of the capsule and its quite a feeling to look down from space like Baumgartner did when he jumped, not suitable for people with fear of height

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