How Photo Safari Team Building Bonds


Most of our time we spend at work and being part of a great team is very important for our happiness. So, we need to pay attention to the wellbeing of our team and give it every now and then a nourishing treatment. Photo safari team buildings do exactly that.

First of all they take team members out of their comfort zone and into the heart of nature, the perfect caring environment to explore, play and grow as a team. The delegates share special safari moments, learn and grow through
wildlife photography and take the special captured memories home, back to the office.

The photographs the members took turn into collages or permanent exhibitions at the work place and one only needs to look at them to feel that spirit again, when the team was creating this special bond. It will remind one of the close bond, at times that stress disturbs the great energy and one feels irritated by colleagues easily. The images carry the team spirit and reset it at any given moment the team needs it.

Happy team bonding with photography!

Ute Sonnenberg for