Live from the Masai Mara - Arrivl

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The Masai Mara is probably one of the most famous wildlife areas Africa’s. These Great Plains are dotted with trees and spoilt with an abundance of wildlife. This time of the year is not high season, not the time of the Great Migration, yet the Masai Mara is always wonderful. At arrival zebra, buffalo and topi surrounded the airstrip. And on our first game drive we saw already two cheetah and two male lion, next to giraffes, zebra and several species of antelopes. There seems to be something magical about this place that attracts the animals in big numbers.

But not only the animals are heaven for photography lovers, also the landscape is very photogenic. It’s the place for wide angle lenses and at the same time for zoom as well. The Masai Mara is just a wonderful place to play with photography and to capture lots of beauty.

… more to come.

Ute Sonnenberg for