Whay can children do on African safari?


When families go on African safari holiday it can be a concern how the children will like it. They cannot run around freely in the bush and play where they want. Being on 3 hours game drives can also be boring pretty quickly for a child when it is not allowed to jump, to stand up in the vehicle or to make any noise. The regular game drives on African safaris are something for older children. For that reason the lodges and camps have age limits for their game drives and allow children from the age of 6. For guests with a private vehicle it is different. They have the vehicle entirely for themselves and can customize the game drives to the needs of the children. But that comes at a cost. Yet there are more options for children on African safari holidays.

Many lodges have children programs. They often have lovely names like “cubs den” and offer play programs for the children, that involve the amazing environment they are in, the African bush. The parents can enjoy their game drives, knowing that the kids are looked after and that they have fun.

Really sought after are programs like “junior ranger” where children learn the bush basics and get even a certificate after passing their ranger exam. It is of educational value and it is lots of fun.

Most of the lodges do also have family suites to make sure the children are in the same little cottage as the parents, just for their safety. It is the trend of the last years to create better facilities for families on African safaris to make it easier for travelling as a family.

Happy family photo safari travellig!

Ute Sonnenberg for