How Far would You Go for a Photo

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Clark Little is a photographer shooting shore breaks on the North shore of Oahu, Hawaii. When I read the PetaPixel interview with him, I didn’t only like the images a lot, I also liked what he said about risks and precaution.

In essence he is saying that his experience of 30 years in surfing is his guard and the knowledge of the risk involved keeps him focused. This applies not only to photographing the big waves of Hawaii, but also all other photographic opportunities from travel photography to photographic safaris and “just” photographing at home. Do not forget where you are and what the risks might be. At home it might be the edge of the veranda you can fall off and in the bush the pride of lion in the open plains.

However, Clark Little never attended a
photography course, yet his photography is what he does for a living and he is very successful and very grounded. The passion for what you do is the key.

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Enjoy where your passion takes you.

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