Gregory Heisler: Master of Portrait Photography

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Gregory Heisler’s portraits were TIME Magazine covers, show world leaders and in many ways impressing people. What is it that makes his portrait photography different and mesmerizing?

When you visit his
website you will see that he categorized the portraits like quiet, vibrant and dynamic. Each word an attempt to reflect the essence of the photograph, the essence of the person photographed.

Great portrait
photography captures not only a picture of a person, it captures a personality in all its dimensions. And Gregory Heisler is doing that very well. Look at his images and try to feel how he connects with the person he photographs. Then apply it to your own photography, maybe bring it up in a photography course and practice especially the connecting and personality reading part of portrait photography. You will learn to work consciously with your intuition, creating amazing portraits.

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for