When is Whale Season in South Africa


South Africa offers wildlife in many ways and watching whales even from shore is one of the magnificent wildlife sighting it offers.

On the southern coast from Cape Town all the way up to Durban different kinds of whales can be seen, either from the shore or from the boat during the winter months of the southern hemisphere starting in May and going until about November. The whales are moving away from their icy home Antarctica to calve and rear their offspring.

Hermanus in the Western Cape is also called the whale capitol of the world where you can see whales comfortably from your table on the terrace while having lunch. Personally I experienced once that a mother with her calf was in Camps Bay in Cape Town with people watching them just from the beach.

It is a special moment being so close to these gentle giants and photographers get so many opportunities to capture great images.

Keep that in mind when planning a trip and inquire for the best places to be for he best sightings.

Happy wildlife snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for