Why booking your African safari online, or not?


What did we do in a café, on a train or while waiting in a queue 10 years ago when we didn’t have smart phones and Pads? Now we quickly check emails and browse the Internet. We want information quickly and the moment a question comes to our mind and the Internet has the answers. The same happens with travel. Browsing for a holiday online and booking flights has become completely normal. More complex tours are a bit different, but at least one can gather information and pre-select tours and suppliers. This all works also for African safari tours.

Browse online to find information about safari destinations, the best time to travel and tour operators who can deliver what you are looking for. For safaris it will always be a combination of online search and pre-selection and the direct contact with your safari operator. These kind of holidays are complex and professional advice is needed, but you can get pretty close to your goal online. Only for the last steps to finalize your booking personal contact is recommended. Booking a safari is just a bit more than booking a flight ticket. Keep that in mind and enjoy your holiday travel.

Happy safari travel!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa