How to prepare for emergency situations on African safaris?


Savvy travelers will know that it is of importance to have a travel insurance that covers medical aid around the world and you definitely should have that insurance when going on African safari. You will be in very remote areas right in the African bush and you should also check, if your safari tour offer includes emergency evacuation. The emergency evacuation will not cover the actual medical costs, but it will cover the costs to bring you to a hospital for proper medical aid. Most of the tour operators offer that as a standard, but just check, if it is part of the included services.

Provide your African safari tour operator with an emergency contact in case something happens to you. You might be unconscious and not able to let the people know whom to call to bring you home or to take care of your personal belongings. Make a little card that is in your wallet and a note in your phone whom to contact in case you are travelling self-drive without a guide, just in case you get found and people want to help, but don’t know how.

If you are taking medication, make sure your have a sufficient supply of your medication with you while travelling. You might not be able to get the specific medication at the remote places you are going to. Have information on you about your medical condition that paramedics are able to help properly.

One of the smaller emergency situations can be lost luggage. Keep some clothes with you in your hand luggage to help you through the first days, in case that situation occurs.

And in general don’t try to be brave or thrill seeking in the bush. That will keep you out of problems and ensures a great safari adventure.

Happy wildlife African photo safari adventure!

Ute Sonnenberg for