What not to miss on African safari at the Victoria Falls


One of the most spectacular sights on African safari in Southern Africa are the Victoria Falls and with it the Zambezi River. Visiting the falls is not only going there, seeing a waterfall, taking a photo and that’s it, there are lots of activities available at and around the falls.

There are guided Victoria Falls tours to start with. You will walk the falls on a path and see them from different angles. Depending on the amount of water the falls are carrying, you will see more or less from the rocks they are falling from.

Another opportunity to see the falls is from a helicopter. There are flights available from 12 minutes, which is enough to get a good view of them. Photographers might prefer a flight in a cesna with the door removed for clear pictures.

The brave ones might enjoy the bungee jumping from the so often photographed bridge at the falls. And with low water levels you can also swim in Devil’s Pool, right at the top of the falls, really only accessible with low water, otherwise you get swept over the rim and down the falls.

More water born activities are fishing, sundowner cruises, rafting and canoeing. The Zambezi is a majestic river and very beautiful.

Activities on land are a visit to a village, to a market, to town and also game drives in the surrounding game reserves. There is no room for boredom at the Victoria Falls and there is something for everybody. And the most beautiful activity is actually sitting at the Zambezi and looking over the river into the setting sun.

African safari Vic Fall snapping!

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