Where can I find photo inspiration for my African safari?


You might wonder why you should look for photo inspiration before going on African safari, but it is very helpful for your wildlife photography.

Checking the right Africa photo books before going on photographic safari will not only make you wanting the perfect light, it will also train your eye for composition and that can be crucial for your wildlife images. We can train our eye by looking at the paintings of the old masters, training our eye in general for light and composition, but the bush is different and the same method will work well for the specifics of wildlife photography. Take for example Peter Beard and Michael Poliza. Look at their image and learn. Browse National Geographic and watch the BBC wildlife documentaries. The BBC’s photography is outstanding and you will learn framing your subjects.

You might have heard about sports people watching their sports executed by the best in their field to get better. It works just the same way. Our brain gets it and makes our hands and eyes do it. Benefit from it.

Happy wildlife photography snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for