5 Reasons to do a Team Building Photo Safari


Be inspired by feedback from team building photo safari delegates and collect some ideas for your own team. The 5 main reasons why people loved the incentive are listed in this post, although everybody has probably his/her own reason for loving safaris.

  • 1. It is easy. Everyone can press a shutter and sit on a game vehicle.

  • 2. It is fun. Being chauffeured comfortably through the most beautiful wildlife areas and just doing nice things brings a smile on everyone’s face. Game drives are fun. It feels great to go off road, conquer deserts and savannas and not to forget the coffee breaks and sundowners.

  • 3. It is relaxing. Stress levels drop, creativity levels increase and one feels in balance with nature and the world.

  • 4. It is for all. All age groups can join and no physical exercises or even sportive activities are required.

  • 5. It is inspiring. Playing with wildlife photography inspires not only in the artistic way. It also creates space and energy that induce new ideas on all sorts of subjects, from creative problem solving to creating new work environments.

In other words, it is refreshing, cleansing, and stimulating. The combination of nature and photography makes this beneficial experience possible. And isn’t there anything nicer than working in a happy team?

Be happy and enjoy photography!

Ute Sonnenberg for