What Does a Photo Tell About the Photographer?

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Before there was photography there were paintings. Every painter had (and has) its own “signature” in painting, a certain way to see things and a certain way in bringing them on the canvas. It was and is the painter’s way in working with light and composition what makes each of them special.
With photography one might be tempted to think that there is no own signature, because we all press simply the shutter. But there is. There can be ten photographers standing on the very same spot in front of a tree and photographing the very same tree and there will be ten different photos. They all bring in their own way of seeing and capturing things, their own personal way of doing things, their own personality. Just like a painter, also every photographer has his or her own signature in creating a photo while simply pressing the shutter. This is one of the main strength of photography. It enables everybody to create unique artwork. This unique signature is what makes the difference, what makes photos genuine and what makes people loving them. One can only grow in photography by developing and growing the own signature, like a painter, capturing what the inner eye sees.

Ute Sonnenberg, www.rohoyachui.com