Why Tanzania is a top-rated African photographic safari destination


Tanzania is the home of the Serengeti, the mother of all savannahs with its endless plains and abundance of wildlife. It is the place where the Great Migration happens for about three quarter of the year and where the wildebeest give birth to thousands of young ones every year before they months later move into the Masai Mara, famous for the dramatic crossings of the Mara River.

But there is more than the big herds of the migration that makes Tanzania so attractive for
African photographic safaris. The vast landscapes, the wildlife rich national parks of the northern circuit and of the off the beaten track southern parks and not to forget the magical Ngorongoro Crater.

And if this is not enough the beaches of the coast and Zanzibar provide even more photographic opportunities of lush vegetation, amazing landscapes and colorful culture.

Ideal would be to travel at least for two weeks to get a bit of everything, but the northern safari circuit can be seen pretty well within a week and is heaven for wildlife photography enthusiasts.

Happy photography safari travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa
Image: Faru Faru, Singita