With Point-and-Shoot Camera on Safari?


With all the talk about big cameras and big lenses for wildlife photography, photographic safaris, wildlife photography courses and team building photographic safaris one can easily feel intimidated and hesitating to go on safari. But don’t, you can go with your point-and-shoot camera on safari; you will just have to keep in mind that there are some limits to what you can expect from your images.

You don’t need to worry about the zoom. Most of the small cameras have a great zoom, some get even closer than the big lenses. It’s the image quality that makes the difference. But if you just want to capture your memories and don’t have high aspirations in wildlife photography you will be fine.

The biggest problem with the small cameras is the speed. They are not fast enough to capture fast changing moments and that can be frustrating. You can reduce the frustration by learning about animal behavior and anticipating on animal movement, that you get the shots you want. It will not be perfect, but you will do well.

But the most important is, that you enjoy your safari and often only watching is just great.

Have fun and just go!

Ute Sonnenberg for