How to create a flow for your African safari itinerary?


Whenever you plan a trip you intuitively wish to create a flow, a noiselessly experience of awe and joy. Sometimes you get it right first time and sometimes you need a second attempt for the same region to get the feeling right. Especially when the destination is in a different part of the world with a completely new environment, you have no experience with, it can be hard to create the flow. A very good example is an African safari in South Africa with the extension Victoria Falls and Cape Town.

It turns out that the best routing for the noiselessness flow is the Kruger Park – Victoria Falls –Cape Town itinerary. Why? This is hard to say. First of all it is always good to start with the safari and move forward to cities or beaches. It just feels right, like one needs some kind of less intense time after the safari experience to let all the deep impressions settle. Second, the logistics make more sense and support the flow.

But all that only works when the lodge/camp and plane seat availabilities allow that. If they make the ideal routing impossible consider alternative dates and accommodations or do a complete change of mind and reset your expectations to avoid disappointment and frustration.

Experience taught that when an itinerary falls into place effortless, it is exactly what you need for the best experience. Don’t fight it and think you need to push through the impossible. The flow starts already while planning. Surrender and your intuition will choose the right itinerary although you haven’t been there before.

Happy photo safari planning!

Ute Sonnenberg for