How is Christmas on African safari?


Christmas in the northern hemisphere means winter, in many countries snow and cold, short days, candlelight, lots of food and time with the family. Celebrating Christmas on African safari means in many ways the same, being with the family, lots of food, candlelight, but very different weather and surroundings.

The bush lodges and camps do great efforts to make Christmas in the bush special. They often organize surprises like cultural dances, choirs and special menus. Candles are lit and the places are nicely decorated. It might sound like Christmas at home, but it is not the same. Celebrating Christmas in the middle of the African savanna, surrounded by the Big 5, with the sound of the bush while having your Christmas dinner is very different. For some it is the ultimate place to be for Christmas and others suddenly miss home, the snow and the cold. It is a deeply emotional experience and even the most skeptical admit that there is nothing to top a leopard calling in the surrounding bush while you enjoy your Christmas dinner.

Happy merry safari Christmas! Imagine the pictures!

Ute Sonnenberg for