Want to be close to baby elephants?

Elephants are on top of the list of many visitors to Africa and one of the most popular animals of the Big Five. It is enchanting to watch baby elephants making their first steps and how gentle their big moms are looking after them.

Unfortunately also little and big dramas happen in the bush and baby elephants can get lost or loose their mom. For many of these orphans, a wonderful organization in Nairobi, called David Scheldrick Wildlife Trust, is a safe home. They are lovingly raised to be released into the wild again when they are grown ups.

If you got a day or two in Nairobi during your
African safari, visit the foundation and witness the feeding of the baby elephants. It is a great photographic opportunity and a memorable experience.

Read more about the wonderful work of the foundation in Lizzie Willians post right

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa