The Day We stop Using Facebook

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As all living organisms start dying the moment they are born also a social network as facebook does that. A human body produces new cells and old cells are dying simultaneously. In the beginning there are more new cells produced than old cells are dying. Somewhere along the road more cells die than new cells are produced and eventually the body dies. Depending on how a human body lives this process can be delayed or accelerated. The same happens with facebook and any other social media, but facebook might accelerate the cell dying process, if it continues it’s current strategy.
You might remember the days when a “like” was still a “like” and when your post was shown on the stream of all your friends and fans and not only the ones fb choose. These were the times when more new cells were produced than old cells died, in fb terms when the member growth and activity was huge. Then came the moment that the organism facebook got contaminated by the good life. Investors and big money got involved and a “like” ended being a “like”. It was the moment that the “like” was everywhere. When you have a complaint, you can “like” it, you can “like” your own profile and you can “like” the shoes you saw in the online shop. An overkill of “like”s and it’s even chosen for you what you have to like, because facebook controls what you see in your stream and to which online shop you are directed. To stay with the human body and cells, let’s call it a tumor had nestled in the organism. A tumor needs food. He eats cells. Facebook is now a public company and all the investors need to get fed. One of the things to come is the cooperation of facebook with online marketing companies who place cookies when somebody visits a website for red shoes. By visiting the website for red shoes facebook gets the information that you were looking for the red shoes on this website and you will receive adverts on your facebook profile from that very red shoe company. For how long will facebook members tolerate that? Will they stand up just like they did with the change of the contact email address in the fb account?
It is an
interesting process to observe and learn and it applies to all organisms like companies, human bodies, organizations and social networks. Facebook is just like a great example case study that provides insights in when a body turns into dying more than producing new cells with the very interesting question when it will die as an organism, or will it not? Medicine does great things nowadays. They can almost reverse everything or at least delay natural processes to a great extend. Let’s see and learn.

Ute Sonnenberg,