How to combine an African safari with diving?


Imagine your usual holidays go to the sea and you enjoy watersports, especially diving. Now you decided to go on African safari, but you cannot let go your passion for diving. You don’t have to. Africa has the most amazing dive spots and fantastic coasts on the Indian and Atlantic Ocean. But it can be a tough question how to divide the available time and funds between safaris and diving. Not to mention the luggage. What to pack? There are tight luggage allowances for the safari flights and you need completely different things for diving than in the bush.

The luggage question can be solved easily. Your not-bush luggage can be stored at the ground handlers office where you collect it after your safari part is finished (or they bring it to you).

You should reserve a bigger part of the available funds for the safari. That will be necessary as the bush part costs more due to the remote location, included game drives, 4x4 transportation and possibly light aircraft flights. Hotel accommodation costs always less.

Time wise the diving should be seen as a beach extension for the safari, matching the allocation ratio of the funds. The beach follows the stay in the bush and is perfect to let the safari impressions settle. Doing it the other way around would somehow feel awkward.

If you decide to combine safari and diving try to avoid travelling with diving equipment. Rather rent it at the resorts. You will regret it having the diving equipment with you while travelling on safari is travelling light.

Happy wildlife safari travel above and under water!

Ute Sonnenberg for