The Joys of Macro Photography

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How often do you do macro photography? You probably answer, not often enough, and that might be a pity. We walk passed flowers every day, our houses and gardens are full with all sorts of little things and creatures (the creatures should be in the garden ) and we miss these opportunities for great photography. Did you ever take a good look at the pattern of the blanket you cuddle in when you watch TV or the colors and shapes of your herb jars?
Macro photography is fascinating and it doesn’t need much to do it, even the iPhone lens can be turned into a macro lens and off you go. See how to do that with this
Snapguide and keep in mind the water goes only onto the lens!


More sophisticated and with beautiful result is the work of David Chambon. His insects look exactly like jewelry insects, only that the dew is then made of diamonds or crystals. Most likely the dew came first and was the inspiration for the jewelry artists, however, the images are stunning and very inspiring.
Lets get the lens out
shoot macro!

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