5 Reasons to visit Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a gem under the African safari countries. It is an off the beaten track safari destination with magnificent national parks, landscape and wildlife wise. It is mostly visited by experienced safari guests and not really the first time Africa visitor’s destination, yet it could be.

Zimbabwe is a
must see safari destinations for at least 5 good reasons:

You will be
away from the safari crowds, enjoying a more private African bush experience.
You can combine it with the
“Out of Africa” feeling of the famous Rovos Rail to experience a safari of the old times.
Zimbabwe’s national parks are
rich in wildlife and stunning landscapes.
It is said, that the
Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side are more beautiful than on the Zambian side.
There is only one magical
Mana Pools UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is in Zimbabwe, created by the mighty Zambezi River.

Safari tours can be organized as self-drive safaris, drive-in and fly-in safaris. African safari accommodations of all price ranges are available, from budget to high end and tours can be tailored to match individual expectations. More and more people discover the beauty of Zimbabwe and it might be a good idea to visit soon, before it isn’t anymore an off the beaten track destination.

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa