How Photography Identifies Talent in Work Teams

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Talents in companies are in human resources language called high potentials. The companies do a lot of work in identifying and supporting their high potential employees in order to secure the company’s future and to continue success. This process is complex and often not easy. Who is the right person for what is the major question. There are several personality tests, role plays, analysis and assessments, but still about 30-40% of the choices turn out to be the wrong choices. Next to unforeseen life events as a reason for dropouts, people are able to pretend to be the right one despite all the tests. There are books that analyze personality tests and assessments, and the tested persons can learn in advance what the expected answers are for a certain position in a company and just fill it in. So, how can one get to the essence, to the real potential in relation to a certain company position? The answer is photography. Photography always shows also the photographer and the photographer’s potential in relation to a defined purpose. Photography is a very powerful tool in the process of identifying high potentials. It needs to be wielded with care and knowledge. And it can make the life of human resources a lot easier.

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