Create the best sundowner experience on African safari


There are many highlights on African safaris, but there is one all safari guests seem to agree on that it is one of the best, the sundowner. This moment after a day in the bush when the sun settles for the night and the sounds of the bush become more mysterious, all seems to slow down and reflect on the events of the day and the safari guests do the same, with a drink in their hand, watching the sun gently leaving the bush for the night.

The have the best sundowner experience choose a spot where you look out over the landscape or a clearing in the bush where you can see the sun set behind a tree. There needs to be something the sun can shine on like a tree or clouds to have the best photographic sunset. And be quick. The African sunset does not last long; it is over in a moment.

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa