Want to see lion on African safari?


This must sound like an open door; of course you want to see lion. That’s the reason you go on African safari. But what, if you booked your African safari tour not thinking of the best area to see them?

Don’t let it get that far. Tell your specialized safari tour operator what you want to see and that the lion are a must see for you. There is nowhere a guarantee as they are wild animals, but there are certain areas where you stand a very high chance to see them. Private game reserves and private concessions in national parks are the best choice. Their vehicles are usually allowed to go off road for the Big Cats and that can be crucial to see the cats you came for.

It is also good to stay in the area longer than only for two nights as the cats might like to hide for while due to weather or full moon. At least 3 nights would be good, 4 nights are great.

However keep in mind its nature. Stay relaxed when you haven’t seen them during the first two game drives. They might be just around the next bend.

Happy lion photo safari travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for