Practice with M


Do you shoot always on M, the manual settings on your camera, or mostly with programmed or auto? Even if you are not experienced enough to photograph on manual, you should take some time to practice with this setting, just to get more confident in what you are doing. Nothing can go wrong and you will learn how the camera works with light. You will get a better understanding of the “language” the camera is talking to you through the images.

Sounds to complicated? Don’t think you should start practicing with manual when being on your first
photographic safari or team building photographic safari and you are lucky to see a leopard. Then go on your safe mode to get the image. But there are plenty of opportunities to practice, also on safari. For example during the wildlife photography courses we take the time when waiting at a sighting where currently nothing is happening to play with the settings and light or during a picnic. People are often afraid of trying manual and very surprised that it isn’t as difficult as they thought. And at the end they start liking it too, using what manual teaches them to quickly adjust settings in other modes when fast moving objects like a leopard moving in a tree mean fast changing light too.

Try it. It is more fun than you might think and you will learn a great deal.

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for