How is transport on African photographic safaris


Travelling in Africa means covering large distances and the choice of transportation can be essential for your African safari itinerary.

If you choose road transfer, be prepared for long drives. In South Africa road transfers use good roads, however the distances are still huge. But in other countries the drives go often on dirt roads, which slows down travelling a lot. Plan more time for getting around and it can be nice to even do self-drive and explore the countries your own way.

The best way of getting around and not loosing time is flying. Fly-in
African safari tours make efficient use of your time and bring you exactly where you want to be, right at the lodge or camp. The aircrafts used are small. They fly right to the bush camps and need to be able to land on the short bush runways. For guests that love flying these light aircraft flights are great, as they hop from lodge to lodge and make as many stops as they have to drop off and pick up guests. People who don’t like take off and landing, this can be a bit of a challenge, but it is actually really great.

Two other ways of transport should be mentioned, although they are not used for getting around in the country or between countries. They are walking and horse or camel riding. Walking safaris and horseback safaris add a new dimension to an African safari holiday. One is part of the bush throughout the stay, a very different experience from being on a vehicle. Mobile horse safaris and walking trails focus on a certain route they make within a certain area. They are not suitable to cover big distances.

And there is also public transport. This can be an adventurous way of getting around and should be thought through carefully before doing it. The so called taxis or matatus are used by the locals to get around and are a very affordable way of travelling. Also coaches are available on scheduled routes to cover big distances in the countries and between countries. Their fares are very reasonable.

Be always time and safety conscious when choosing your mode of transport to make sure your safari is a success.

Happy wildlife safari photo snapping!

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