How can I practice for my African photographic safari at home


It often happens that African safari guests who are keen hobby photographers, experience some frustrations with their photos when they are in the bush. They are mostly experienced travel photographers, photograph a lot at home and are often a member of a photo club. Yet, they have their struggles, as the bush is different to anything else. It starts with the light, the circumstances of a game drive and ends with the speed of a big cat in a tree when the light is changing with every step.

Practicing photographing with the
African safari light at home will not be possible as the light is not there. But there are many other things that can be done to be prepared. There is lots of information available on the Internet where people share their experiences on photographic safaris about what went well, what were the problems and how they solved them or not. Lots of practical advice from experienced wildlife photographers is available on the net, look for it, read it and make use of it.

Practice a lot outdoor photography at home before you go on photographic safari. You will get used to photographing outdoors with natural light and under different weather conditions.

Practice photographing moving objects, like your cat or dog or horse. If you don’t have pets, go to a park where they walk and play or visit horse events or sports events. That will not only teach you photographing motion, but also patience, especially when you photograph cats.

When you have done all that you will be well prepared and ready to conquer the photographic challenges that could not be anticipated beforehand and to enjoy your African photographic safari adventure.

Happy wildlife snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for