5 Good Reasons to Love Photography

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Why would anybody need reasons to love photography? I think nobody does. It’s just nice to mention some of them again.

#1 Photography captures precious moments
Can you imagine coming home with your baby, or getting married or seeing your child making the first steps and you do not have a camera to capture that? No, you can’t imagine.

#2 Photography lets us say what we can’t say
Have you ever been in a situation that you were so emotionally that you just couldn’t find the words or so overwhelmed that your voice wouldn’t do it? No problem, we got the image.

#3 Photography gives us joy
What did we do in the dark ages without digital cameras with us on holidays, cameras in our smart phones, photo books to spend the weekend with making them? I can’t remember. The joy of accessible creativity for all is what photography gives us.

#4 Photography makes communication easier
When you see something in a shop and you want to tell your husband or wife about it, what do you do? You take a picture, go home and show it to your spouse. No long exhausting explanations necessary, there is the photo.

#5 Photography tells us the news
When you look at the news paper, what do you look at first? The images. Sometimes they encourage you to read the article, sometimes they tell you already the complete story.

Please feel free to add more good reasons to love photography.

Ute Sonnenberg, www.rohoyachui.com