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I started the day with the plan to go through the several online platforms to check on the profiles, designs and entries. It shouldn’t take longer than a few hours. Now it’s half past six in the evening and I’m just finished. What is this when going onto the Internet and ending up spending the whole day there?
Here one example. While being on WordPress, a new platform for me, the “wolf” from the “red riding hood” got me. It started with setting up the profile, lead to choosing the theme, the header image and the sharing tools and ended up with pasting “goodread” codes on my website. It was just a typical example how one (at least me) gets drawn into the forest of the internet by tempting apps, platforms, tools or whatever the “wolf” is whispering along the road. It works easily when it is a nice design, easy to handle, inspiring and beautiful.
Well, I left the main road of my plans for today, walked through the forest, collected some fruits and fortunately went back onto the main road. Not eaten by the “wolf”, but with the result, that the rest of the work needs to be done now.
Sounds familiar? You are not alone

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