What are Team Building Wildlife Photo Experiences


Team buildings can vary from a lunch outing over one-day adventure or game experiences to several day travel outings. The purpose is to connect and realign the team members for future goals, but also to reward the team for it’s hard and successful work.

Very pleasant, exciting and adventurous team building experiences are the wildlife photography
team buildings on African safari. The delegates visit top-rated African safari destinations and enjoy besides great game drives and fantastic wildlife sightings also guidance in wildlife photography, to make sure they go home with great images of their adventure. Everything is arranged and the delegates only need to focus on fun and leisure.

For teams that want to add extra value to their team building experience, the so called value added team buildings while being on safari are available.
On these team buildings outside-in perspectives for each team member and for the team as a whole are achieved. The viewfinder of the camera simulates an outside-in perspective of an external  mentor, yet the mentor are the team members themselves, but with a different perspective looking at their own team. This speeds up the learning process like a Silicon Valley incubator. Insular thinking and mindsets are busted; potentials are unearthed and tapped into and focus and goals are realigned. Once learned how to utilize photography for the team, it is a reliable, powerful and efficient tool, applicable in various work situations to continue the team building process also after the session is finished. The role of the team-building presenter is to guide the team members throughout the learning process and to enable them to maintain their achievements for long lasting benefits. And all that is placed in the setting of an African safari. The results are astonishing.

Photography is such an amazing tool, for fun and for learning and the African bush makes it even stronger.

Inspired? Happy team photography snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for